Alicia Howard

Real Estate Broker

Vancouver Mall

Premiere Property Group, LLC

About Alicia Howard

Alicia Howard is a passionate real estate agent who dedicates all her time and efforts to ensure that she gives her clients top-notch services. Alicia started working from the young age of 15 years and has maintained a strong work ethic and excellence that have propelled her to success over the years. Working alongside her husband, she utilizes available resources and her vast network to ensure that she delivers high-quality services.
Her desire and interest in real estate make her the perfect agent to represent you in both purchases and sales. Prior to venturing into real estate, Alicia and her husband remodeled houses for investors, learning the ropes and gaining essential skills that they apply today as real estate agents. Alicia’s professional portfolio is extensive and impressive giving her an upper edge over other agents. She boasts more than six years in the customer service and relations field that help her to connect and relate with her clients, understand their needs and deliver personalized experiences. Alicia also enjoyed a successful career as a flight attendant for 4 years. She learned the art of patience and attention to detail which has helped her build a loyal client base.

Alicia aims for the stars and strives to be the best in everything that she sets to do. She is a valuable member of Premiere Property Group LLC. She is a compassionate agent whose main focus is to make her clients comfortable while helping them achieve their goals. Alicia will go the extra mile by helping her clients with other minor tasks like moving, cleaning their houses, and maintaining their yards. Her clients enjoy working with her because of her keen knack for honesty, ability to cultivate immediate rapport, and a passion to maximize sales through caring and consultative business relationships.
Outside of real estate, Alicia enjoys spending quality time with her family, gardening and volunteering in community projects.

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